About Unique Tech

Unique Tech Inc has an exceptional track record of providing high quality, on-budget and on-time solutions to clients.

Corporate Overview

Unique Tech Inc invests strongly in its main resource - its employees - by training them in new technologies and skills, and by providing them with a working environment that inspires creativity and innovation. Unique Tech Inc employees take great pride in their technical ability and motivation. We believe the hard work, dedication and hands-on approach of our staff is the decisive factor in the satisfaction of our customers.

Investor Relation

Unique Tech Inc is a global consulting and technology services company specializing in industry-specific solutions, strategic outsourcing and integration services. Clients gain competitive advantage by leveraging our unique on-site, offsite, offshore delivery capability to achieve rapid deployment, world-class quality and reduced costs. Our flexible global delivery model enables us to deliver application maintenance and development outsourcing, full outsourcing, business process outsourcing and integration services such as data warehousing, legacy modernization, and packaged software services in the healthcare,financial services,retail and distribution, manufacturing, telecommunications and high-tech industries.

Our values

  • Open, honest and direct in communication
  • Work with clients to exceed expectation
  • Zeal for quality
  • Clarity of accountability
  • Thorough research
  • Confidentiality
  • Assistance in negotiation
  • Reduced selection time and cost
  • Assuring that we provide not just a person but a top quality asset
  • Objectives

    Unique Tech Inc provides global offshore software development and dedicated outsourcing services. We leverage Offshore Development Model to achieve a maximum ROI for our customers. Our team of professionals deliver innovative applications to the business marketplace by :

  • Leverage our unique business practices to gain market-share
  • Maximize our Offshore Development Model
  • Deliver high-impact technology solutions
  • Reduce time-to-market by utilizing rapid development techniques
  • Consistently deliver a superior application
  • Remain on the cutting-edge of technology
  • Focus and specialize on our core competencies
  • Maximize our expertise for the development of new products
  • Adhere to a strict process and proven business methodology
  • Listen to our customers
  • domain

    We build Trust.

    Our Relationship

    Unique Tech Inc is committed to building stronger, deeper relationships with our clients to help them overcome business challenges. We foster a culture that prizes consistency, a high level of service and the delivery of competitive, value-added solutions.Unique Tech meets client challenges by having the best people and processes in place to consistently deliver services and solutions on time and on budget, across technologies and industries.

    Our Strength

    Unique Tech Inc has rooted itself in high-quality software development principles and an unwavering commitment to delivery. These twin strengths enable Unique Tech to adapt smoothly to the rapid evolution of technology while maintaining constant focus on the changing business needs of our clients.We combine our comprehensive understanding of a client’s business and industry with our cutting edge technology solutions and superb delivery. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.